Character Animation in AE

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Character Animation in AE

Ahmad Beyrouthi
2 ratings

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Hey guys ! this is my first tutorial here !
in this tutorial i will be covering the basics (literally) and some of my techniques im not going to teach after effect and i wont be painting as well ,, just animating and showing you the necessary tools and some tricks. and some of you might have some basic After Effects knowledge because in this tutorial i wont be teaching after effects so .. yup hope you will find it interesting !.

you will get :

- the project files ( PSD, AE)

- designing your character ( exploring the character and thinking of the way of how you will animate it based on your story)
- Importing your character to after effects
- 3 videos of how to rig your character in after effects
- the lipsync process

- Basic Animation excersies
- Animating the character that we've made.
- and the final word + over-viewing the teaser vid.

Thanks a lot !
you can visit my blog to check more work of mine


highly appreciated , thanks.

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